Dunfierth Church

Ed Mooney Photography

Dunfierth Church (1)

Dunfierth Church (3)

Dunfierth Church (2)

I stumbled upon this old medieval church recently and to be completely honest, I almost drove past it. After last year I feel that I have seen far too many off these old church ruins which seem to be scattered everywhere I turn. But as it happens, I was wrong. The ruins of Dunfierth church turned out to be one of those hidden gems that you only come across on rare occasions, so I was delighted that I decided to pull over and have a look around. The church which dates back to approx 1500AD, sits on raised ground within an old walled graveyard. I can now add this to my ever growing collection of both Churches and Castles that are associated with the De Bermingham family. I have listed these sites a few times before and regular readers will be familiar with them. But for the benefit of thoseā€¦

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