Top 10 Creepiest Bridges in the Midwest

Mysterious Heartland

Sometimes perilous and almost always remote, rural bridges have long been a staple of local ghostlore. They are places where ghosts of long-forgotten accidents still roam and phantom voices cry out from the water below. At Mysterious Heartland, we have researched allegedly haunted bridges all over the Midwest, but which one will prove to be the most terrifying of all?
10. Sim Smith Bridge

Montezuma, Indiana

Haunted_Midwest_Bridges_10Built in 1883, this 84-foot covered bridge spans Leatherwood Creek along 40N, south of Route 36, about six miles west of Rockville. The bridge used to lay on the path of Pikes Peak Highway, which ran from New York to Los Angeles. According to legend, in 1890 a young mother was carrying her baby home to Montezuma. She reached Sim Smith Bridge at dusk and hurried across. Unfortunately, a rider was driving a horse and buggy quickly in the opposite direction. It was…

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