Crash Course on Politics: Dem Scandals and the Bold Conservative Sainthood of Ted Cruz


Big political scandals are busting out all over! Four Philly politicians have been accused of accepting cash & gifts for their votes. But PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane has mysteriously scuttled the investigation. Charlotte, NC Mayor Patrick Cannon, in office for only 4 plus months, resigned yesterday after being arrested for allegedly accepting nearly $50K in bribes. While accepting the cash, the mayor repeatedly bragged about his close Obama connections. And today court documents show a CA state senator (Leland Yee) solicited campaign donations from an undercover FBI agent, in exchange for Yee providing contacts with arms traffickers.

One Yee contact is a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines with missiles & shoulder-fired weapons. Yet Yee is laughably loved by CA libs as a gun-control crusader. Now don’t hold your breath expecting to see much of any of this in the media. After all, it’s day 19 for them to wildly speculate about Flight 370.

And of course there’s the much bigger reason … all those mentioned above (including AG Kane) are DEMOCRATS! 

March For Jobs Protests Illegal Immigration, Lack Of Jobs

With each passing day Obamacare gets less and less popular. In a new AP poll only 26% support the law.

But what’s depressing is that despite only 1 in 4 supporting it, only 1 in 8 (13%) think it will be repealed. Is that where we’re at today, Americans now feeling that government’s so big and politicians so corrupt that the will of the people is simply a thing of the past?

Liberals & conservatives alike can agree that there are certain things worth fighting for: 1) The right to free speech and a free press 2) The right to privacy & 3) The right of EVERY child to have a good education and an opportunity to pursue the American dream Nevertheless, Democrats, establishment Republicans & the media don’t like Senator Ted Cruz.

As with a previous DC “boat rocker,” Cruz speaks in “bold colors” and not “pale pastels.” But what the establishment forgets is that the first “boat rocker” won 49 states. So agree with Cruz or not, at least you know where the man stands. America badly needs more politicians to follow his example.