Today’s Gorgeous Sunset Panorama – Just Gets Better

Don Charisma

What can I say … two days in a row, fantastic super awesome amazing, I love it … same deal as yesterday … just breathtaking 🙂

651 photos taken in just over an hour !

This pano is merged with Photoshop, 3w x 3h landscape shots

I’ve nicknamed it a “nine-pano” because I use it quite often. It’s left to right along the bottom row, then right to left along the middle row and then left to right again for the top row. Quick and covers a lot of sky easily. It works well with the autoexposure on my iPhone too – because the sun stays in each of the bottom 6 shots. I also have a “six-pano” which is 3w x 2h – this is where the sun in all 6 shots idea came from to counteract problems with stitching photos with different exposures.

So photo lovers and photography-geeks…

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