Introducing: Deertography!

Literature and Libation

Next to wielding a keyboard, wielding a camera is my favorite way to expend mental energy. I take all of my own pictures for this here blog, which slowly, shot by shot, adds up to many hours in front of cans and bottles and glasses, and many odd looks from my wife. There is little else I enjoy as much as focusing a lens, framing a shot, forming a momentary mental image of the one I’m about to forever capture.

But I like to take pictures of things besides beer, too. I like nature and its glorious splendor, from rock to river, from flowers to fjords. So, today, I’m very proud to introduce a whole new series on my blog: Deertography!

Deertography is exactly what it sounds like: photos dedicated to, and always featuring, deer. There are few megafauna as majestic and austere as Odocoileus virginianusand since I’ve already started…

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