Intermission Stories (10)

Pacific Paratrooper

Lt. Gerry Meynell, 3RCR Lt. Gerry Meynell, 3RCR

Lt. Gerry Meynell

The Battle of Hill 187; 3RCR, Korea

On 2 May 1953 at 2220 hours, on a dark, moonless night, a 16 man Canadian fighting patrol faced an ambush position.  The men were from Able Company, 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment.  The patrol was in “No Man’s Land” on the floor of the Sami-ch’on River Valley.  They had left Hill 187 to face Hill 166 and the Chinese bastion.  This patrol was commanded by Lt. Gerry Meynell and each man from the onset could sense that they had become the prey rather than the hunter.

Canadian MLR Canadian MLR

Maynell ordered his men to shift positions and take cover behind a bank of a rice paddy.  Over the radio, he called for illumination and a flare from a 60mm mortar of Charlie Company lit the sky to reveal 60 Chinese soldiers.  The RCR oped…

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  1. I am honored that you reblogged this post. I am attempting to give an overall view of the war in eye witness accounts from as many branches of service and jobs as possible. I sincerely hope your readers enjoy it, honor the men and Remember!

    • I am just as honored to reblog it and I know those who read my blog most certainly appreciate the stories and insights! =)

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