Good Friday Reality Check

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Noon, Friday, April 7, About 30AD : The hardened Romans who lead the bloody and battered Jesus on His final walk through Gennath Gate towards Golgotha – the Place of the Skull – are mostly indifferent to His acute pain and impending execution.

On the 500-metre journey from Pontius Pilate’s Antonia Fortress, several Jewish women join the mob following the execution party.

They begin to weep and wail, but Jesus – speaking in the manner of the great prophets – warns of a world of the future; a time of great misery for those who reject his message of love.

The two thieves who are to die with Him are probably already naked and semi-conscious on their crosses when Jesus arrives. The centurions who accompanied the robbers are sitting on the ground, sharing out the possessions of the two men.

Others untie the ropes binding Jesus and strip Him of…

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