VIDEO The Typhoon fighter-bomber terrified the Nazis and helped win D-Day & 70Th Anniversary of Heroes

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-The Hawker Typhoon’s armour-piercing warheads could, with a single hit, open up the previously indestructible Tiger tank like a sardine can
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June 4, 2014 by Mark Roper and Anthony Knight, National Post

On June 6, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Canada will welcome the only remaining original and complete Hawker Typhoon WWII fighter-bomber to the Ottawa aviation museum — on loan from the RAF Museum at Hendon in England. The Typhoon was a significant weapon in the D-Day battle, and in the lengthy battle for Normandy that followed.

The Typhoon originally was intended to be a fighter — the successor to the Hawker Hurricane, but almost twice as heavy, much larger, and with two 20mm cannons on each wing. Its Napier Sabre sleeve-valve engine, with 24 cylinders in H-formation, produced over 2,200…

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