The Priest House – Glendalough

Ed Mooney Photography

The Priest House Glendalough (1)

Another rather interesting structure which sits within the graveyard of the Monastic CityΒ to the south-west of the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. PaulΒ is the Priest House. It is a small rectangular structure, built in the Romanesque style of approx 4.5 x 2.4 meters which probably dates back to the 12th century, around 1170AD. . There is a Romanesque arched recess in the exterior of the E wall now closed by a thin wall with a small window opening.Β  A shelf or seat forms the bottom of the recess. The door in the outh wall features a fragmentary tympanum with three figures. Inside there are a number of interesting grave slabs and the remains and the remains of another Romanesque style arch, with some rather unique stone carving.

The Priest House Glendalough (2)

The Priest House Glendalough (4)

The Priest House Glendalough (3)

Aside from the lower parts of the wall the remainder is said to have been completely reconstructed at some point…

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