VIDEO MB Obama Illegal, Terrorist, ISIS, Cloward Piven Invasion From South Foretold Being Fulfilled

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-ISIS Five Year Plan – ISIS Threat Spreads to Jordan as Iraqi Border Posts Fall
ISIS 5 year plan
Some might not be surprised three older previous posts dating back to 2012 are revisited in light of the current invasion of illegals coming from the south.These become more relevant with ISIS, who is assisted by MB Obama, stating they are coming to the US. The videos from those posts are reposted here
-VIDEO Mexico and SA Hezbollah Jihadis Want USA Disarmed
-Iran moving sleeper cells into America?
-Iran is Cultivating Closer Ties with Anti-American Countries in the Americas

June 23, 2014

Iran moving sleeper cells into America?
iran flag
Posted on November 20, 2012 by ror1774

Congresswoman: Cartels may be smuggling Hezbollah across border
November 19, 2012 by Drew Zahn – with audio clip link

A U.S. congresswoman is warning that while the world’s eyes are on Iran’s growing threat against Israel, the Islamic nation’s…

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