Woman Discovers Twin More Than a Half-Century Later

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Meet Paola Rivera


A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Paola Rivera. I was also fortunate enough to read the inspiring true story she wrote about her mother that, as Paola says herself, is something that normally only happens in Jodi Picoult novels or films. While social media has its downsides, Paola’s story illustrates how, in some ways, it can lead to miraculous discoveries. More than a half-century later, Paola’s mother discovered she has a twin who she never even knew about. Below is a guest post from Paola, initially published on Paola’s blog LIVE. TRAVEL. BLESS:

Life is weird.

Not in the sense that you spend four years falling in love with an entire community of people and bars and a big white M made of rocks and pizza Gumby’s at midnight and a set of six columns, and then are expected to uproot and start over somewhere…

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