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Lillian Altman

Nell Nell

A modified version of this story was published in the Jewish Holocaust Centre Melbourne publication Centre News in September 2012 and can be viewed here.

Prologue: This story is personal for me. While writing and researching for this story, I discovered that family members on my dad’s side were killed in Poland during the Holocaust. Many articles have been written about Mrs. Pieternella Van Rangelrooy; however, this feature story delves more into the personal stories and ideas of why people helped Jews survive during that period and why they should be honoured.

It is commonly known that 6 million Jews died tragically in the Holocaust. Many people have heard of Oskar Schindler – a German Gentile who owned a factory in Krakow, Poland. Schindler treated his Jewish workers humanely and rescued approximately 1,200 people from persecution. In 1993, Stephen Spielberg produced a film, Schindler’s List, portraying his…

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