Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes

After posting my Cherry Tomato Cobbler recipe, I found this! Gotta LOVE tomatoes!!!

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It’s my favorite time of the year!!  I love love love September. It’s still warm but the air has that crisp fall feeling that tells you big sweaters and boots are just around the corner. Even better, it’s tomato explosion time. There are few things that I love more than fresh, off the vine tomatoes. Just the smell of tomato plants reminds me of my dad and his gardens. He had huge gardens in the back of our property but then would also grow a few cherry tomatoes around the pool on the patio.  As a kid I lived in that pool and having cherry tomatoes to snack on between running from the diving board to water slide, made it all even better.


This year, I went a little nuts with tomato plants. I also started a little late, but that hasn’t seemed to be too much of a problem…

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