Wrong Number Call at Night Leads to Life-Saving Act of Kindness

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Wrong Number Call Leads to Life-Saving Act of Kindness

old-telephoneIn a discussion on Reddit recently, Redditors were asked, “What is the Strangest “Wrong Number” Call You’ve Gotten?”

‘JayBerryLe’ shared his story…

“A few years ago, my wife and I were awakened by a call in the middle of the night. I answered, and on the other end of the line came a loud eerie screeching. I was about to hang up, thinking it was a prank, when it became apparent that it was someone in severe pain.

The voice was crying and impossible to understand, so I spent a good amount of time trying to calm them down. The longer I listened and spoke gently to the caller, I picked up on her calling me George. I told her that I wasn’t George, but she should give me his number and I would call him for her. It took numerous…

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