Friends – Flor Williams To Lad – Aug., 1941

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

This is the rest of Flor’s letter to Lad shortly after he left Venezuela to go home.

APG - Flor and Martin Williams, Bob Ross, visiting from Trinidad, April, 1940

Bob Ross, Flor Williams and Martin Williams  

(I wonder if this was taken just prior to the flight she talks about or if it was another flight, but that is Bob Ross with them. Martin could be seeing his wife off on her trip to Caracas.)

I don’t know that there is much new around here. Joe Kelley went up to the states the beginning of July to join the Air Corps, but from a letter we have received from him recently, we note that he failed the eye exam in three different localities, so that leaves that out. He saw Mr. Hardy down there, who offered him a job with the new Seismo crew coming down in December, as sole operator under Judson, whom Joe likes very much, and a good…

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2 thoughts on “Friends – Flor Williams To Lad – Aug., 1941

  1. Judy and I have followed each other’s site since we started – a great blog! Such family history. At her request, I did about 11 guest posts for her about the era. They were fun to research and write and brought us even closer as friends.

  2. Crash MacDuff – Thank you for the re-post. I love to share my family letters because they give a great picture of that “Slice of Life”, family life in the 1940’s.

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