Army Life – Observations From Normandy – Aug., 1944

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

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Normandie, 3 Aout, 1944

Altho much of the novelty of our new surroundings has worn off, I am still impressed by the casual manner in which the people here live their lives while whole villages and towns are bludgeoned into stark masses of rubble and the roar of planes fills the sky and the endless stream of trucks, jeeps, tanks etc rumble incessantly toward the front, camouflaged in their own tattle-tale dust clouds. Norman folk carry pitifully small bundles that represent their personal possessions are crowded into the steep-sided gutters that line the narrow roads. They are people who are returning to their homes – many of which are mere spectral walls, some of which are miraculously untouched.

In odd contrast to the villages and roads, the countryside has made no compromises with the old man Mars. It is as if he set his feet down only in certain villages…

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  1. Crash MacDuff – Thank you for re-blogging my post. I think this is one of the most interesting letters from that era because it describes what my Uncle Dan saw, on the ground, right after D-Day. He didn’t write about the war, he wrote about the people.

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