Crash Course on WordPress: My Passions in Words

Today marks my second year blogging on WordPress and 1,650 posts later, much has changed and nothing has changed.

While this was my very first time blogging on WP two years ago, it was not my first time blogging.  And I have tried them all, Live Journal, Blogger, et cetera.  However, I have found the process of blogging better here which is why I have stuck with it for 24 months.

While I have stated in the past, this blog isn’t about me, and that remains true to this day. In fact, I am just as uncomfortable talking about myself as I ever was. But more to the point: this is a blog about my passions, my interests – the things that interest me, make me happy, amuse me and in rare instances, the things that tick me off.

Some things have changed. I have matured as a blogger, but I am by no means a writer. My background is journalism, radio journalism to be exact and I have presented my posts as the latest facts that I know and on some occasions a dose of opinion.

Other things have not changed. For one, two, three and four, my passions for cycling, photography, art and history.  However my interests in other things are immense, like astronomy, science, cooking and I think another 10 or 15 things.

Currently, Crash Course is read in 138 countries and practically as many languages – thanks VERY much!

I am honored so many have chosen to follow my blog. I certainly enjoy following many of you and have even been thrilled to reblog your fantastic posts. This won’t change.

Okay, that’s it. Back to blogging for another year, with hopefully the same features, pluckiness and passionate stuff you have come to expect and I that I live for.

Take care and happy reading!

All the best and highest regards,