A double rainbow in Oz

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Well, from near Perth, Australia. The reason you can see the whole thing is that it’s taken from the air. As Science News explains:

A full double rainbow, captured from a helicopter flying over Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia, frames a golf course near Perth. A downpour reflects light from the setting sun back toward photographer Colin Leonhardt, creating two concentric rings of color that appear to encircle the course.

. . . All rainbows are round, but seeing a full circle requires a viewing area with plenty of droplets in all directions; that’s tough for people on the ground. When the observer flies through a water-laden sky, however, a complete rainbow emerges.

The second, dimmer rainbow appears when light bounces off the inside of raindrops twice before coming back. Because most of the light leaks out after just one reflection, secondary rainbows are usually much fainter than primary…

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