Creation: Monkey revives electrocuted friend

Fellowship of the Minds

We humans like to flatter ourselves that we are the only creatures on Earth with complex emotions, and that non-human creatures have neither feelings, nor free will (have you watched your pet dog or cat deliberate between two choices?), nor moral sentiments.

This is how narcissistic humans justify our disregard, neglect, abuse, and outright cruelty toward non-human creatures.

But science more and more is discovering that animals not only love and mourn (elephants would return to elephant graveyards to caress the bones of dead family members), have a sense of right and wrong, of justice and fairness (see “Animals can tell right from wrong“), they are also capable of acts of altruism — selfless acts to advance the wellbeing of another.

How else are we to interpret the selfless act of a mute turtle in the Taipei Zoo patiently laboring to flip another turtle whom (some malicious human?)…

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