French Onion Soup from Scratch

Scratch It

IMG_0051Oh hey, 2015.  You came out of nowhere!  What a crazy end of the year / beginning of the year it’s been!  Between the holidays and the New Year, and then all the work catch up from being out of the office for the holidays and new year, it’s been pretty crazy.  So crazy that even though I did a ton of cooking for our annual Christmas Eve dinner, and for our long ski/snow New Years weekend in Bend, OR (where we cooked most of our meals in our condo with friends instead of going out), I failed on the photo taking end.  Luckily though, between Christmas and the New Year I did manage to capture this soup. This amazing amazing amazing soup.  This soup that we made an obscene amount of for two people and happily ate it for days and days reveling in it’s deliciousness from the 1st bowl…

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