Messerschmitt Bf-109G

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When Romania surrendered in August of 1944, they left a vast quantity of Allied POWs in their wake. To expedite repatriation, Lt.-Col. James Gunn rode as Captain Constantine Cantacuzino’s passenger to the US 15th Air Force headquarters in Italy. Captain Cantacuzino’s Bf-109G was quickly painted with American markings as not to be mistaken for the enemy. Within twelve hours of Lt.-Col Gunn’s trek to freedom, relief aircraft were arriving in Romania to provide assistance to the remaining Allied POWs.
When I saw this scheme, I instantly was on board. Upon hearing the provenance of the aircraft, I was forever hooked.
It was nice to build a Bf-109 again. They are deceivingly small airplanes. The build was your typical Academy kit. No major issues to be bothered with. Obviously, I used a set of aftermarket decals from Blue Rider. There were a total of eight decals to apply so this wasn’t a…

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