Cologne: Nous ne pas sommes Charlie!

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LATEST NEWS on the Cologne Carnival cancelling the Charlie Hebdo float 

We are shocked that Cologne cancelled the Charlie Hebdo float. This self-censuring is just what the jehadists want. Sorry, that we have take on a topic we already blogged about in our Charlie-Hebdo-Blog and which was mentioned in quite some commentaries of our Holocaust-Blog. What can we learn from history is the question.

Sorry, unbedingt müssen wir nochmal das Thema unseres alten Charlie-Blogs aufgreifen, weil wir so voll sauer, ja geradezu bestürzt sind: Köln bannt den Charlie-Hebdo Wagen für den Karnevalszug am Rosenmontag! Außerdem betrifft das ebenfalls einige Kommentare unseres Holocaust-Blogs.

This would have been the Charlie-Hebdo Float
Das wäre der geplante Wagen gewesen

motivwagen                                                                   …

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