Elizabeth Warren is a dangerous narcisist

Fellowship of the Minds

In my real life as Bruce Wayne :D, I receive email blasts from the Leftist organization, MoveOn.org, as a way of keeping tabs on the enemy. The email below surprised even me.

Princess_Moonbat_FeathersMs. Warren is known to be a complete fraud in her claims to be a member of the Cherokee tribe. Her “minority status” enabled her to con her way into lucrative positions in education and government. 

Well, now she seems to have gone completely off her meds. She is now calling herself the real life version of Olivia Pope, the protagonist in the popular TV series, “Scandal.” So now, she’s not only Native American, she’s also African American, and quite attractive.

Can anybody out there say, “Al Gore?”

Run Warren Run

Dear MoveOn member,

Do you watch the T.V. show Scandal?

In fictional Washington, D.C., if you’ve got a problem there’s only one person to call: Olivia Pope. She and her team…

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