Super Bowl Ads: Less Snark, More Uplift This Year


Super Bowl XLIX will be played Sunday at the end of a season in which the NFL was pounded with reports of abuse against women, children and even footballs. Maybe not coincidentally, this year’s Super Bowl advertising is expected to be a lot less snarky and more mom-ified — lighter on the testosterone and heavier on the uplifting.

Characterizing this year’s crop of ads in advance of the game is tougher than in years past, what with more companies holding back their spots to unveil during the actual game. This gave birth to a new trend this year: the Super Bowl Ad Tease. After a couple years in which almost all the ads were released online in advance of the game, Reporters Who Cover Advertising are giving this year’s “less information” strategy high marks, only now confessing that last year they were sick and tired of the ads by Super Bowl Sunday.

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