Shining a Light: Turkey

University of York's English Pen Society

by Pandora Longstreth

Earlier this month, on the 11th January 2015, it is said that more than a million people came together across France in marches and rallies condemning the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices, the kosher supermarket and the police officers earlier that week. World leaders and representatives from across the globe attended the march in Paris together, holding hands and linking arms in solidarity and support for freedom of expression. Among the group was the Turkish prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu.

This week, we are shining the light on Turkey.

Turkey, especially recently, has been in the media focus for freedom of expression abuses. During the Gezi Park Protests, Erdoğan was criticised for blocking social media websites, such as twitter, as well as trying people who tweeted about police brutality during the protests.  Erdoğan has also been criticised, more recently, of arresting journalists as well as banning…

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