Postcard: The Lion Lap Dance


The Insatiable Traveler

Female snarls at Sikio, also snarling, in Mara Triangle, Kenya

Her tail curled seductively in the air exposing her derriere to him and he was transfixed. “Come here handsome, “ it seemed to say. Then she bolted through the high grass teasing him with a game of catch-me-if-you-can. He followed her; she knew he would. He had to, her cub’s life depended on it.

In a lion’s world there is stunning beauty and equal parts cruelty. A male lion, gunning for the territory of another, will kill the cubs of the resident male to make sure its genes do not survive and to make way for his own offspring. After a female loses her cubs, she goes into heat giving the conquering male the opportunity to swoop in and spread his wealth, so to speak.

Female tantalizes Sikio in the Mara Triangle, Kenya

On a sunny morning last September, Sikio, an immensely handsome lion was on the prowl. He had his sights set on lovely lioness that…

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