My Trick For Beating Jet Lag (I Swear It Works)

The Insatiable Traveler

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On a trip to Thailand I got jet lag. Wait, let me rephrase that. I got the debilitating, shoot-me-now kind of jet lag.  I arrived in Bangkok dragging like a character from The Walking Dead, vowing never to feel that way again.

Four years and many time-zones later, so far, so good. What’s my secret? It’s simple really. Lets use my upcoming trip to Africa as an example.

My flights

I leave New York at 6pm for Johannesburg, South Africa and have a 3-hour layover in Amsterdam. When I arrive in the Netherlands it will be 7:25am local time, my body, however, will think it’s 1am (blech).

I depart for South Africa at 10:25am and arrive in Johannesburg at 9pm local time after a grueling 20+ hours of travel (double-blech), and that’s if everything is on time.

My plan

The trick to beating jet lag is using…

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