a north east ohio garden

remembering what i thought last night.  the parentage of last night’s seedling.  an eclectic mix of things.  an old plant Autumn Minaret with small flowers and tall scapes.  Wild One – old, just not as old as Autumn Minaret and short scapes and full petaled flowers.

wild one x autumn minaret sbs

then the seedling from that cross.  an orange medium height flower with the shape and size of Autumn Minaret crossed with John Sheehan.  A slightly taller scape an a much bigger skinny petaled flower.

10-120 Wild One x Autumn Minaret X JOHN SHEEHAN SBS

and now to bring back yesterday’s seedling 11-052 Wild One x Autumn Minaret) x John Sheehan

11-052 wild one x autumn minaret) x John Sheehan det

oh – and remembering to take a nice long nap before any of these pictures.  it is amazing one can do any rhyming with such disorder…

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