Scale: National Parks

Jane Lurie Photography

Have you ever visited the National Parks at peak season? 

The good news– including a well-placed person in your frame provides the needed perspective to appreciate the landscape.

Monument Valley is a spectacular place. I loved the touring trucks coming up from the valley at sunset giving a true sense of the massive size of the iconic “Mitten” Buttes. 

Nature, National Park, Landscape, Sunset, Monument Valley Day Is Done, Monument Valley

Thanks to this hiker, the image has some scale. 

National Park, Nature, Landscape, Nikon, Color, Nature A Perfect View, Bryce Canyon

The colors and formations are otherworldly and in this scene. The small slice of road and the car help contribute to a sense of scale in the landscape.

Nature, Landscape, National Park, Nikon Yellow Mounds and Road, Badlands

The Badlands National Park is one of the most interesting places I have ever photographed. I often push the human form toward the edges in landscapes creating visual tension and interest. 

Nature, Landscape, National Park, Nikon Two, Badlands

It’s an amazing experience photographing the Grand Canyon, however, the…

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