My Life Of Poetry

I have found nothing in my life so horribly daunting
As these dark damp hallways I have been haunting
Walls carved out of misery and painted with regret
Fill the air with a suffocating scent of pain I can never forget
A ceiling of despair hangs above so dismal and grey
Crumbling to pieces in a silent abysmal decay
Below me a rotted,cracking wooded floor
Each creaking step echoes of hope that lives here no more
Dim light shines through filth caked foggy window panes
Casting shades upon the walls through spattered milky stains
Stairs with warped steps hold puddles of swilled murky water
Lined with dusty metal rails bearing the stench of useless slaughter
Into a basement adorned with jagged mossy covered stones
And a cold concrete floor littered chalky brittle bones
Above unanswered prayers are carved upon the heavy wooden braces
Lost upon the world like tortured souls…

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