Liberals Continue To Prove They’re “Untethered” From Moral And Ethical Standards

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Hoover CINOSocially liberal Republican consultant Margaret Hoover went on a tear against Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday’s New Day on CNN

Margaret Hoover, Republican consultant: …[I]t’s hard to give a serious analysis of this. But the truth is, we know Ben Carson is sort of untethered to reality anyway. No person – citizen has run for the U.S. presidency, not having served any other elected office ….. So, there’s no way he was going to be elected to the presidency anyway. But this!…But – but this just demonstrates (Carson’s anti-same-sex “marriage” belief)– I mean, first of all, there’s no data on this. Secondly, this sinks any nomination. If he has looked at any of the polling about where American attitudes are about homosexuality” . . .

HOOVER: His party, by the way, is my party. I am intimately familiar with the Republican base. Fifty percent of Republicans under…

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