Caturday Outrage! Veterinarian Murders Cat, Boasts on Facebook

From FOX2Now, St. Louis…

“Dr. Kristen Lindsey allegedly shot an arrow into the back of an orange tabby’s head and posted a proud photo this week on Facebook of herself smiling, as she dangled its limp body by the arrow’s shaft.”

The Facebook post by the owner of the cat:


This is completely horrible and must never be condoned or tolerated! It is just plain EVIL.

On the Web: Vet fired for shooting cat with arrow, proudly posting it to Facebook

(***Warning!!! The link contains a graphic image that some will find disturbing.***)

Justice for Tiger on Facebook



2 thoughts on “Caturday Outrage! Veterinarian Murders Cat, Boasts on Facebook

  1. I will hope and pray each day, that this horrible excuse of a human being suffers such deep pain and misery that she is unable to lift her murdering head from her pillow. She needs to be in prison for what she did. I hate her.

    • Amen! People say “lives matter” but they do stuff like this or they don’t rise up and combat it. The only lives that do not matter in my humble opinion are those who take the lives of the innocent – more specifically children and animals. The lives who take of the innocent have a very special place in hell, I hope.

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