Kildare Cathedral

Ed Mooney Photography

St. Brigids Cathedral (3)

I probably should have started off my recent journey around Kildare town with the Cathedral as it is the largest and most detailed of all the interesting structures, but here we are. The Cathedral is quite unique in the fact that is the only site in Kildare town which is still in use for its intended purpose. All the other religious buildings are in ruin.  Situated in the centre of a graveyard opposite Market Square. You will find the jewel of Kildare town, known as St. Brigid’s Cathedral. It’s actually located on the site of an early Christian Settlement established by Brigid around 470AD. Which is believed to have also been the site of an older pagan shrine to the Celtic goddess Brigid. Cill Dara (Kildare) means Church of the Oak and takes its name from the foundation by Brigid of a church underneath an Ancient Oak tree. I first…

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