Crash Notes

Horses with Bicycle

There will be one final blog post on this site, after that I will no longer blog here again.

Thanks for the likes to so many posts and for allowing Crash Course to be read by you. I have also enjoyed following and reading your creative blogs as well.

My final post will be this Saturday, regarding Sunday’s full moon and eclipse. It’s a good topic to end on.





3 thoughts on “Crash Notes

  1. Hi Crash,
    I am inrested in what bike you ride in competition?
    Also I have a Dawes 8 speed and want to make it a road/race bike what gearing wood suit me well,I live on the FL./GA. line which is mostly flat ground/roads.
    Enjoyed your blogs and photos very much! 😀

  2. Where are you going? Looking forward to the moon this weekend! I wouldn’t have otherwise known, given my work “schedule”, grandmothering/Florence Nightingaling as of late! Your photograph is amazing!! I’m jealous. I wanted to become a novice photog… but my life had other plans. One day! That and my pilot’s license!! See you soon!

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